Information About Medications

We have a neutral attitude towards medication.  We don't recommend every patient take a medication nor are we against taking medication. Obviously some people need medication to function adequately. Others use it for a time-limited period. Others can improve without medication or by using natural products like herbal remedies and higher doses of certain vitamins. Most people who happen to have had an adjustment issue at some point in their lives should not continue to take medication for the rest of their lives. However, once prescribed, the prescriptions tend to keep coming unless you say something to your prescriber such as: "Do I still need this?".

Medications by themselves do not fix problems. Most of them are prescribed by  family physicianswho are trying to help their patients butdon't have the necessary time to investigate the cause of the patient's problems during the average eight minute office visit. In this amount of time your doctor cannot arrive at a diagnosis for sadness, for example, but is just medicating the symptom (of sadness) with an antidepressant.  People are sad for different reasons.

A person who does not receive behavioral health therapy for their problems in addition to their medication(s) does not have an adequate plan of treatment. They are just medicating their symptoms without fixing the any of the underlying problems that are causing their symptoms.

We find that a lot of people have questions about the medication they are taking. Others are considering adding medication to their treatment regimen but are unsure of whether to go ahead and try this. Thus, there is a need for a good, scientifically-based, source of information. A great place to find this information is the website

During the past few years a number of pharmaceutical companies were caught "hyping" their testing results by hiding negative results from consumers. In other words, if the study indicated that their drug worked no better than a placebo, the company discarded the study rather than publishing it. Thus, the real effectiveness of some of these drugs was exagerated. The  website provides unbiased, medical journal based research to tell you what to expect from medications both pro and con.

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