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Dr. Petrosky was honored to be selected to give the Welcoming Address for the National Alliance of Professional Psychology Providers' 2015 Training Conference (March 27th and 28th) in San Antonio, Texas.  Dr. Petrosky is a member of the NAPPP Advisory Board. Dr. Petrosky presented on a paradigm change in the manner in which psychological services could be delivered to improve patient care and asked the attendees to offer their own suggestions about how to improve the future practice of professional psychology.

Other topics presented included: the Role of the Medical Psychologist in the Treatment of Chronic Pain, Rebuilding Neuroendocrine Immune Connections in patients with PTSD, Treating PTSD in Combat Veterans, Residential Care for Addiction Recovery, Telehealth, and Training Behavioral Healthcare Practitioners for the 21st Century, among numerous other topics. 

Among those in attendance were Nicholas Cummings, the former president of the American Psychological Association and author of more than one hundred books, and John Caccavale, winner of the prestigious Psyche Award, as well as esteemed psychologists from across the United States.

Consumer Information

The National Alliance of Practicing Psychologists recently released a "White Paper"entitled "Failure to Serve" regarding how to go about correcting the crisis in mental health that is evident to everyone who watches the news.  Almost every day there is some fresh report of a teenage suicide, school shooting, suicidal airline pilot or other tragedy that demonstrates our nation's failure to address behavioral health problems. This report tells how we SAVE money by providing BETTER quality health care!  Unfortunately Healthcare Reform has not addressed any of these issues which are the real problems that need to be addressed in our country. If you would like to forward this report to your elected representatives you may do so.

You are invited to read the Executive Summary (18 pages) by entering the following link in your internet browser

The full report (90 pages of text and 17 pages of references) is available by entering the link below in your internet browser