The Comforts of My Office

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My office is uniquely comforting and soothing. In fact I believe I have the nicest, most soothing and pleasant setting for therapy in the whole Philadelphia area!

Most providers work in small offices where they  have to sit almost knee to knee with the patient. By contrast, my office is extremely large with wainscot paneling, a dome ceiling, a parquet floor,and a fireplace. The spaciousness and openness of my office makes it a very comfortable place for adults, children, couples, and families. People feel that they are sitting in someone's living room rather than being in some "clinical" situation. I realize that many people are nervous about coming in to discuss some of their issues and problems and the very pleasant atmosphere of this setting makes it all a little easier.

I never anticipated when I moved into my office that children would like a big room like this one but it allows kids to move around and relaxes them so that we can discuss the things that bother them. Kids who are hyperactive like that they can pace the carpet and let off a little steam.

I've come to realize that having all this space is just therapeutic for most people. Whether it is sitting by the fireplace on a cold day or seeing the sun stream into the room from a wall of four side-by-side windows, it just makes everything a little bit easier for people to relax and talk and that is what I am trying to do.

I am not surprised when people tell me that the difference between me and other providers is that they feel cared for when they come to see me. I like all of my patients. I want them to feel better when they leave my office regardless of what they are dealing with in their personal life.