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Biofeedback Therapy

Biofeedback therapy is the use of electronic machines to provide feedback about some physiological activity, such as when learning how to increase muscle relaxation. Learning how to increase blood flow to the hands and feet is another way to teach relaxation.  Learning how to go through your day in a state of relaxation is very helpful in preventing some of the illnesses that are affected by stress such as heart disease. 

Children are able to learn and use biofeedback techniques as easily as adults.  Biofeedback for children helps them to learn to control excess body movements and focus their attention so that they can learn more easily during class.  Biofeedback is helpful to both adults and children in learning anger management.

Dr. Petrosky uses EMG and Thermal Biofeedback. These methods of biofeedback are very helpful for the treatment of headaches and for improving pain management. The National Institute of Health did a Technology Assessment Conference and concluded that Biofeedback, Relaxation Training, and Hypnosis were as effective in pain management as any traditional medical interventions including medication and surgery. The term "biofeedback" is a west coast term that caught on and is a popular way to describe this therapeutic activity. Another word for this is neurophysiological feedback.